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The making of our tomatoes >

Our tomatoes no longer yearn for Mexico… they’re better off right where they are. From the day they are planted to the day they are picked, they grow in an optimised environment meeting their every need. Our main methods of working still draw on human know-how and manual skills, but we have learnt to involve technology when necessary. In our greenhouses, climatic computers and the latest-generation lamps share the work load with selecting, size, surveillance and harvesting with secateurs. An experienced team works alongside high-performance technology. Together, they see to the well-being of the special tomatoes at the Jardin de Rabelais, from the plant to the fruit.

Red and green go hand in hand >

Our environment is our future.

At the “Jardin de Rabelais”, our tomatoes take their time to ripen in an ecologically-aware setting. Biological pest control, natural pollination and energy savings are priorities. Today, we are continuing to better this commitment. Wholeheartedly. Because we are convinced that the biological balance in our greenhouses cannot be achieved without looking after the environment.

A culture of research >

Research is part of our culture

We are constantly selecting new varieties of tomato, planting them, testing them and working on their taste and appearance. We do not market them until we are absolutely sure that this new product will satisfy the expectations of our cultivated customers. High quality, unforgettable taste, unparalleled freshness. Not just any tomato, but a “Le Jardin de Rabelais” tomato.

Sustainable development

A new production site has just blossomed. Our company continues to make investments so as to bring its products increasingly in line with what its customers want. While not losing sight of its original philosophy. And still believing that only commitment to taste and quality can ensure sustainable development.

Pascal Delahaye et Matthieu Serrault, dirigeants du Jardin de Rabelais Pascal Delahaye et Matthieu Serrault, dirigeants du Jardin de Rabelais